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The Tenderness of the Human Experience


Artist, Writer, and Graphic Facilitator, Lisa (Tarr) Batchelder speaks and draws simultaneously about a universal TRUTH that is more important that ever: The Tenderness of the Human Experience.

From her stories as a child in a tree contemplating the piece of moon her grandfather bought at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair, to her quirky and tender conversations from her upcoming book, Two Sisters and a Phone, Lisa uses her gift to draw and story tell at the same time, taking the audience on an animated ride through the importance of a collective reset in the knowing that all human experience is tender and in this reset, we have the ability to shift the current operating of this world.

Why Draw It?


Graphic facilitation engages, teaches, and inspires as a creative, interactive resource to the conversation. If the intent is to capture the content or tone of the day, it becomes a real time storyboard. If the goal is to show process and next steps, incorporating icons, buckets and graphs to show movement and hierarchy works best. The amazing thing about visual captures are they lend themselves to whatever task at hand, personalizing subject matter to the specific moment while creating an anchor for the process that can be used later as recall, learning, or conversation generator.

What is Graphic Facilitation?


  • A visual practitioner uses graphics, icons and texts to document a conversation, presentation or workshop in real time through the use of flip charts, large wall posters, or digital format. * Also referred to as- storyboarding, mind mapping, or visual scribing.. 

  • It's estimated that over 85% of people learn visually. To help capture, reinforce and preserve learning in a room, graphic recorders serve as another resource to facilitate learning as it happens!  Making ideas come alive.



Latest Capture!

Honored to capture the Social Connection Workshop on March 20, 2019 on the beautiful UC Berkeley campus.  This panel discussion presented by the new friendship app, Whosup, showcased current thought leaders on the research and findings around living a happy life.  To see the panel capture, click on What's Happening Now!

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"The amazing thing about visual captures are they lend themselves to the task at hand, personalizing content to that specific moment."

If you have an event that could benefit from the addition of a visual component, let's talk!


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"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain