The Wisteria Project

Building Curiosity into the Process

Who We Are


We are experienced corporate facilitators who are all about building more curiosity into everyday life.

  • In our most content, grounded and open state we’re naturally curious beings. 
  • In these moments we have the ability to see “there’s more” available in any situation. 
  • With this growth mindset, choices appear and perspective can shift. 
  • And it’s so much more fun to live among curious, responsible people!

Why Curiosity?


When was the last time you were really curious? Tapping your inner sage not inner critic who jumps to quick judgements in defense of anything that might cause sudden discomfort. That part of you that stares a little harder at a mis-shaped apple, tinkers with the powerpoint font or notices the office carpet is the exact hue of the pottery you saw on your last trip to Portugal. Hmm… And that’s it. Pour the dopamine (a natural causing response in a state of curiosity) and let the curiosity reign.

Curriculum and Graphic Facilitation


  • A visual practitioner uses graphics, icons and texts to document a conversation, presentation or workshop in real time through the use of flip charts, large wall posters, or digital format. * Also referred to as- storyboarding, mind mapping, or visual scribing.. 

  • It's estimated that over 85% of people learn visually. To help capture, reinforce and preserve learning in a room, graphic recorders serve as another resource to facilitate learning as it happens!  Making ideas come alive.

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Wisteria Project

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain