Speaker and Graphic Facilitator

Presenter: The Tenderness of the Human Experience

TENDER has always been a cornerstone of the human experience and acknowledging this Truth, a crucial component for navigating today’s climate more than ever before. From the tender in joy, humor, or pain, we were made for it like fish to water and in this knowledge comes the trust and knowing that we can also navigate whatever comes in our path, because when we pause to the tender, we know exactly our next step. AND we are doers, whether in our professional or personal lives, endlessly searching for the next best method to turn our tender moments into usable tools. 

What if our current next step is to just hold, as a collective, that there is a tenderness of the human experience, truly hold, period? It’s so simple and yet like an operating system requiring a reset, as a collective I believe our tender awareness lacking and our selfies screaming for us to take careful note of this before moving on. I live and witness daily the Tenderness of the Human Experience as a single mother, daughter of aging parents, and curious friend/colleague. I am also an experienced corporate communications and executive facilitator, witnessing first hand whether professional or personal, it doesn't matter how much money or prestige in the room, how many years in a marriage, in the end, no matter context, tender pops up- even in the most straight- forward. We can label with emotions, we can create amazing branding campaigns and apply current personal development tools to make what is tender usable and yet kids are at risk while at school, politics divide families, and sales quotas need to be met. There is a Tenderness of the Human Experience. Period.

By drawing in real time with simple metaphorical images and icons, in both business and personal settings, my images along with story hold the tender at hand so people can reset its importance. As author of my upcoming book, Two Sisters and Phone I animate the tenderness of the human experience through the quirky, tender conversations of my sister and I, living in completely different worlds from rural Indiana to the Bay Area and different professional lives from stay home parent, artist to “unicorn” software tech. In our conversations, we are the living examples of the tender embedded in the division of our current culture. 

My passion is that we all start holding this universal truth as a collective because if we can not find the sacredness in the tender of all experience, just by noting, if nothing else, how can we utilize the modern resources in a way that sustains, provides, and furthers the betterment of everyone? 

There is a Tenderness of the Human Experience and through my playful and deeply intentional story and images, I am passionate in kick staring this reset to shift the current operating system of our culture. And what makes me most qualified- I care… so deeply. 


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What PeoPle HAve To Say...

Luke, SVBS

"The work by the graphic facilitator was useful in recalling the lessons being taught. It provided highlights which triggered memory of the (strategic) facilitation."

Lisa R., The Pifany

"Lisa took what was in my head and created a visual representataion that I could use to explain my business."

Krista, Veritas Vista

"The use of a visual component at executive retreats through Lisa's graphic capture results in a rich, dynamic, focused, and fluid experience."