Lisa Batchelder

Identifying the need, audience, and desired outcome—  then designing and implementing focused resources and sessions to match has been Lisa’s passion and unique ability for the last twenty years. She is an experienced executive communications facilitator, leadership coach, educator, artist, writer and public speaker with the ability to tap into the curiosity adherent in any container and let it serve the purpose of the process at hand. 

She has studied various inquiry and leadership models of such great authors of Start With the Why  to Swayed to Visual Meetings  in order to better facilitate the communication, strategy, and learning in a room and believes that by keeping people curious to the moment, the process can reveal amazing results. She has an uncanny ability to actively listen, engage audience and capture the conversation at hand through her graphic and corporate facilitation. 

As a passion project, Lisa is also the creator of self-care resources that can be purchased at and actively volunteers in various community services, using her skills to help others navigate times of change. She currently lives and works on the west coast with her two boys and quirky dog. And concurs, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi