What is Graphic Recording/ Facilitating?

It’s when a visual practitioner uses graphics, icons and texts to document a conversation, presentation or workshop in real time through the use of flip charts, large wall posters, or digital format. * Also referred to as- storyboarding, mind mapping, or visual scribing.

Graphic Facilitators, along with capturing the content in visual format, facilitate the conversation and activity in the room. They act as both recorder and leader.

Why Have A Graphic Recorder Capture an Event?

  • It’s estimated 85% of us our visual learners- better retaining and comprehending data when a visual component is part of the process.
  • Including a graphic model (in real time) engages audience in ways powerpoint can’t.
  • It boosts curiosity and promotes inquiry through the active documentation of content.
  • It captures the conversation so people can engage in what’s happening in the room.
  • And it forms a collective memory for later recall, action and cascade of information.


Graphic Recording: Real time documentation of event- ie- meeting, ideation session, workshop, social event. *Imagine the fly on the wall who can draw!

Remote Team Meeting Capture: As a silent participant on call/webinar, Lisa will capture the content of the meeting and turn into a graphic visual that documents conversation to be used as a shared resource for recall, understanding, and dissemination. 

Graphic Facilitating: By creating or using a pre-ordered template (*TBD in pre-discussion) Lisa facilitates the conversation and activities of the group in order to reach identified outcomes.

Individual Graphic Executive Coaching:  One-on-one 90 minute coaching session using individualized graphic template to explore and identify clear steps toward a desired outcome. *Participant receives individual graphic representation of the process at the end.

Retreat Design Consultation-  Lisa will help you design the ideal retreat/ workshop experience for your group using her expertise and concierge of available professionals and services.

Contact Lisa!

Schedule a conversation with Lisa to explore adding a graphic recording or facilitating component to your upcoming event by contacting:

Lisa Batchelder

Change the Discussion

Individual Sessions

Feeling Stuck!  Meet with a graphic facilitator and let what's in your head show itself in visual fo

Feeling Stuck!  Meet with a graphic facilitator and let what's in your head show itself in visual format to gain clearer context in order to explore your vision while more clearly identifying next steps in reaching an outcome!

Non-Linear Thinking


Research shows that when in a state of curiosity parts of the brain responsible for forming new memories, signaling reward, and facilitating learning are activated. 

The Visual Component

Add a VISUAL component to any discussion, ideation session or meeting.  Engage, inform and inspire!

Adding a VISUAL component to any discussion, ideation session, or as a tool to capture the process in the room engages, informs and inspires!

Group Ideation


Gathering a group together to ideate about the vision of your organization? Capture it with bold graphics that can be used as a take away for follow up next steps!

Tackling a Project


Where do we go next? Not sure? The use of graphics to capture project management bridges ideas into tangible action.

The "Mural-ed" Moment


So much WOW happens when people get together as a collective under a common cause. A living tapestry that captures the experience in images and texts, preserving the moment.